Old Stonehouse Ride

This ride brings you east of Carlisle while avoiding the bustle of the highways. This route is about 13 miles.

  1. Start at the intersection of College St. and High St. Head east on High St. (PA 641). This will turn into Trindle Rd.
  2. Turn left onto Old Stonehouse Rd. (at 5.90 mi)
  3. Follow Old Stonehouse north until you reach S Middlesex Rd. Turn left. (at 8.95 mi)
  4. Take an immediate right onto Claremont Rd. (at 10.02 mi) 
  5. This will bring you through farms and fields, and past the Army War College before bringing you back into Carlisle and turning into E North St. (at 11.20 mi)
  6. Turn left onto N College St. (at 12.92 mi)

This ride is of moderate length, and easy to moderate terrain. be cautious traveling along both East High St. & Trindle Rd. (both PA 641) during rush hour times, but otherwise this scenic route is quite enjoyable!

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Overview Map of the Old Stonehouse Ride

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