Opossum Lake Ride

This route brings you to the northwest of Carlisle to Opossum Lake.This brings you through gorgeous country roads and past old farm houses. This route is about 14 miles. 

  1. Starting at the intersection of W High St. and College St., travel west along W High St (US 11 & PA 641).
  2. At the railroad bridge past the diner, turn right under the bridge on N Orange Street. (at .61 mi)
  3. Immediately turn left onto Newville Rd (PA 641). (at .65 mi) Follow Newville for a bit, past the distribution center and Allen Rd (PA 465), then turn right onto Meadowbrook Rd. (at 2.65 mi)
  4. Cross the PA Turnpike and the Conodoguinet Creek, then turn left onto Conodoguinet Ave. (at 3.31 mi)
  5. This will again turn into Meadowbrook Rd.
  6. Turn right onto Willow Grove Rd. (at 4.25 mi)
  7. Take an immediate left to remain on Meadowbrook. (at 4.32 mi)
  8. At the T, turn left onto Campground Rd. (at 4.97 mi)
  9. Bear right onto Opossum Lake Rd. (at 5.07 mi)
  10. Follow this around the lake. Bear left to stay on Opossum Lake Rd. (at 6.35 mi)
  11. Turn left onto Westlake Dr. (at 7.78 mi)
  12. Follow this for a bit, then turn right onto Mt Zion Rd. (at 7.89 mi)
  13. At the T, turn left onto Burgners Rd. (at 8.26 mi)
  14. Follow this until you cross the Creek again. (at 9 mi)
  15. Turn left onto Creek Road (9.03 mi) and go up the hill on Creek Rd.
  16. This will change into McAllister Church Rd. before the Turnpike bridge.
  17. At the intersection with Newville Rd (PA 641), turn left. (at 9.93 mi)
  18. Follow Newville back into Carlisle for over three miles. Turn right onto N Orange St. to go under the bridge. (at 13.39 mi)
  19. Take an immediate left on W High St. (at 13.43 mi) and this will take you back to the center of campus.

This route is of moderate length with moderate hills. Be aware of truck and car traffic along Newville Rd around the Distribution Center and Allen Rd (PA 465) during rush hour, but otherwise this route follows country roads with little traffic.

Click here for the link to the route on MapMyRide.

Overview Map of the Opossum Lake Ride

4 thoughts on “Opossum Lake Ride

    • Doug Swift Post author

      You can always ask at the Handlebar for rides that people go on. These are just some of the ones I’ve done/want to do. My suggestion would be, if you have an afternoon/day free, is to take a map of the area from the Cumberland Valley Visitor Center, and go out and find your own path. Or use one of mine 🙂 If you want any more suggestions, email me.

  • jessica mummert

    can you take dogs to opossum lake in carlisle pa? we are planing a lunch there this summer

    • Tyce Herrman

      I haven’t seen anything on the Opossum Lake web page or facebook page, that says you can’t. I also don’t remember any “no dogs allowed” signs. Your best bet is to call PA Fish and Boat Commission to check: http://www.fish.state.pa.us/ Have fun!


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