Resolved:  The Electoral College Should be Abolished and Replaced with a Direct National Popular Vote for President

There have been about 12,000 proposed constitutional amendments since 1788, and nearly 700 of them have concerned ideas for fixing the Electoral College.  There have been 27 amendments to the US Constitution since its ratification.  One of those amendments directly concerned the Electoral College (12th), and naturally, it has been the longest in textual change so far. Perhaps even more revealing, a majority of the other 26 amendments have involved some aspect of the American election process.    This is not to say that US campaigns and elections are “rigged,” but it’s clear they’ve never been perfect.  The question is, can we make them somehow “more perfect” by eliminating the Electoral College?

Here are two completely contradictory views by some informed historians:

On the side of elimination:

On the side of preservation:


What do you think?