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Debating the Electoral College

Resolved:  The Electoral College Should be Abolished and Replaced with a Direct National Popular Vote for President There have been about 12,000 proposed constitutional amendments since 1788, and nearly 700 of them have concerned ideas for fixing the Electoral College.  There have … Continue reading

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1992 Campaign

Scenes from the 1992 campaign… “The War Room” (1992) The “War Room” was an important documentary film project with unprecedented access, but it wasn’t the pioneering effort in this genre of “fly-on-the-wall” depictions of modern American campaigns.  That mantle belongs … Continue reading

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Buchanan in 1856

By Sarah Aillon On November 6th, 1856, the Carlisle Democrat reported that the presidential election two days prior had “passed off quietly in Cumberland County.” [1]  With two exceptions, Pennsylvania had voted Democrat in every presidential election since the establishment of … Continue reading

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1968 Campaign

Margaret O’Mara opens her discussion of the 1968 with Lyndon Johnson’s decision to abandon his bid for reelection.  This was a dramatic TV announcement in March that followed an equally unexpected on-air commentary from noted TV new anchor Walter Cronkite … Continue reading

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1932 Campaign

  Here are scenes from Fox Movietone News’s coverage of the final days of the 1932 campaign: And here is an audio clip of the closing remarks of Herbert Hoover’s formal acceptance speech on August 11, 1932, following the Republican National convention … Continue reading

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Election of 1912

Here are three gateway images for the election of 1912:  The candidates (identify and describe) 2.  The issues (Explain the division among Progressives) 3.  The Drama (Explain the meaning of this relic)  

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