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Election of 1860

The election of 1860 was the only presidential election in American history that resulted in widespread violence.  Seven states in the Deep South,  led by South Carolina, refused to accept the results of the contest that elevated the new Republican … Continue reading

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The Election of 1876: Compromise vs Truce

The election of 1876 is one of the most contested elections in American history.  As election day drew to a close on November 7, 1876 it seemed to be clear that the Democratic candidate for office, Governor Samuel J. Tilden … Continue reading

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McClellan and the Election of 1864: Election Amid the War

“Conscious of my own weakness, I can only seek fervently the guidance of the Ruler of the Universe, and, relying on His all-powerful aid, do my best to restore Union and peace to a suffering people, and to establish and … Continue reading

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Election of 1864 – Soldiers and Absentee Voting

In 1864, the nation was in the midst of civil war and Lincoln was fighting for re-election. With half the nation not voting, this was unlike any other election in American history. And, for the first time, the government had to … Continue reading

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1864 Soldiers’ Election Day

“Well, we ‘voted’ and the ‘Little Mackerals’ are nowhere.  Uncle Abe is ’round’ some,” explained Captain W. F. D. Bailey, Co. G, 32d Wis. Vols., to the editors of the Wisconsin State Register on November 19, 1864.  The results were … Continue reading

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1867/1871: William “Boss” Tweed’s elections to the NY State Senate

“Immigrants were quickly naturalized by Tammany judges- on one occasion, under the eyes of horrified Republican observers in 1867, at a rate of 3 per minute.” -Excerpt from Dennis Hale’s introduction to “The Story A Grim Generation: Boss Tweed” by Denis … Continue reading

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