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McLaurin v. Oklahoma (1950)

The court case McLaurin v. Oklahoma Board of Regents for Higher Education (1950) due to its impact on segregation within an institution of higher education, represented the stepping stone to Plessy’s inevitable overruling. It not only paved the way for … Continue reading

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In re Neagle

Daniel Farber calls it “colorful enough to make a good movie script”, and indeed the court case Cunningham v. Neagle (1890) mentioned in Lincoln’s Constitution (Chicago, 2003) has the characteristics fit for a drama (133). Nevertheless, the case covers the … Continue reading

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Anti-Federalist No.2 vs. Federalist No.39: “Neither Wholly Federal nor Wholly National”

Some of the greatest critiques concerning the ratification of the Constitution came from two opposing views: The absence of a bill of rights for the protection of the peoples natural rights, the vagueness of the “necessary and proper” clause, and … Continue reading

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Charles Pinckney: The Original Creator of the Constitution?

Richard Beeman’s initial description of Charles Pinckney conveys a negative tone not typically seen with the remainder of the other framers. Charles Pinckney, one of the four delegates from South Carolina, was one of the few delegates who advocated the … Continue reading

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