2 thoughts on “Maddy Hull

  1. Hi Maddy, thanks for your thoughtful video introduction and passion for the LGBTQ+ communities. We welcome your insights in this workshop series and how to help you see the interconnected nature of these issues to not just social issues of diversity, equity and inclusion but also how allyship is critical to building sustainable communities. We also hope you are able gain skills to work towards solutions in the communities for which you are a part. Looking forward to working with you.

  2. Maddy, thanks for sharing your passion about LGBTQ+ rights. While some interpret sustainability through a narrow environmental lens, sustainability is increasingly understood to encompass human rights, equity and justice. A community can only be sustainable if it is just and equitable as well as environmentally healthy and resilient. The intersectional environmentalist website, launched by Leah Thomas, has lots of great resources that explore intersections across these and other domains. Check out some of the articles on their LGBTQ2S+ Identity page: https://www.intersectionalenvironmentalist.com/lgbtq2s-community.

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