Julandry Almonte

Unfortunately, I could not add in my video. A global challenge I am passionate about is gender inequality. This is an issue that affects me and many other women across the world in various aspects. I’ve seen this play out in multiple ways in every day life like unequal pay and sexual harassment.

2 thoughts on “Julandry Almonte

  1. Julandry, gender equity is critical and interdependent to so many of the UN Sustainable development goals that work collectively to create local and global solutions to this issue. I hope this workshop series is able to help you see these connections and develop creative solutions for improvement through civic action.

  2. Julandry, last night I was reading a chapter in Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the U.S.” that spoke about gender inequality as being deliberately incorporated into founding documents of the U.S. It was interesting to read that gender equality and inequality was debated in that time and that gender inequality was not a “natural” stance reflecting societal norms of the time but was a conscious choice of politically and economically powerful men. Looking forward to working with you in the sustainability workshop on Friday.

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