Laura McNevin

A global issue I’m passionate about is very broad and general, yet still impacts us and the world we live in every day. It’s capitalism. Capitalism allows for the destruction and pollution of the environment, gentrification, the exploitation of people, especially those of the working class and those in marginalized communities, it favors the wealthy over anyone and everyone else. It’s not a sustainable system, as it depends on infinite growth and, as we all know, resources on this planet are very finite, from raw materials that are used to make goods to the human labor that’s used to turn those raw materials into the goods in question. We’ve all had first hand experiences with capitalism in our day to day lives of course, but I’ve also experienced it in a more extreme sense in my family. I have a cousin who works on wall street who recently moved to Puerto Rico in order to save money so he can eventually start his own hedge fund. He moved to a gated community in a municipality that’s known for being gentrified by the rich white people who move there.

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  1. Laura, Thanks for sharing! Hopefully after today’s sustainability workshop, you see more how these issues are interdependent and how what you are talking about can drive or inhibit progress to the UN SDG’s. Look forward to continued work with you in the series and seeing how your definition of sustainability is evolving.

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