Interdependence Reflection – Allison Gressett

Prior to this workshop, I was not very much aware of the meaning of interdependence. From what I understood of it I did not believe it was something that applied to me, I saw it as something in a much bigger context than my life. After this workshop, however, I now understand how interdependence is something that applies to everyone as we are all relying on and working with others in some way no matter how big or small. During the workshop after watching the video explaining interdependence with the man going the store, one thing I started to think about was my current state of interdependence. While at school, we have always relied on the workers in the caf and other food locations on campus to provide us with the food ordered. Now given the pandemic, we are even more reliant on them to provide us everything, even the condiments and drinks. While it feels kind of odd to say so, students are depending on workers in the caf to provide us with the food, while the workers are relying on people in the caf to be at the school and the school is relying on staff to work the caf. Breaking down something like this although simple makes me more appreciative. All of my actions, from shopping at the grocery store or going to a restaurant or even going to an amusement park affect others. My consumption is like a chain that impacts someone’s employment and income which is also depended on by another. Without knowing it, we are constantly depending on those around us for our everyday necessities.

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