Interdependence Reflection- Rhyan Rigby

Last week’s workshop on Interdependence specifically in the food and agriculture industry was very eye-opening for me. Although, I was aware of the idea of interdependence and the affect that my actions have on others in the world, this conversation definitely pushed me to reflect on how my actions in the past have affected others, whether visible or not. One example of a choice that I make every day that affects others is the clothes that I buy, particularly from stores that are characterized as “fast fashion”. This idea of fast fashion is something that I recently learned about in the past year, however ever since then I have tried to be cognizant of the clothes that I have been buying and how they have been made. These practices are put in place to solely benefit the business and as a result, the workers that are mass producing these items receive very little pay, if any at all. Not only does this type of garment production affect the workers but it also creates a large amount of clothing waste which is harder to recycle, directly affecting our planet. Despite this being only one lifestyle change, I think that it does make a difference, sustainably and for the garment workers.


In the past, I do not think that I have been a product of interdependence as much as I could have. However, in the past years I have noticed myself being aware of my actions and the consequences they have on others. As I continue to learn more about what my everyday practices have on the world, I do make conscious decisions in order to change the way that I have been living.

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  1. Rhyan – I love how you are seeing yourself evolve and how as you learn more about how you and your actions are interconnected you rethink your own practices and thinking.

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