Interdependence Reflection- Julandry Almonte

I know that my being present and active in the different spaces I occupy affects others in different ways. They challenge me to remain engaged and encourage others to engage as well. Being in college and working hard is a choice I make everyday that affects my parents because they have made sacrifices to get me here and making that worthwhile is a choice I make everyday. I also think that being considerate and empathetic is also something that greatly affects me and the people around me because I believe you get what you give and if you’re giving people consideration and empathy when they are going through difficult times then you get that back. It also feels good to be there for the people you love and care for. I definitely see myself as a product of interdependence because it took a lot of people to get me to be where I am and I know I could not have done a lot of the things that I have done without help and support along the way. I think as a whole we could all benefit from interdependence because it would make things less competition driven. I know in this educational environment things can feel very lonely and cutthroat but if we work together interdependently instead of independently we could make a lot of great things happen. Leaning on each other for support and working together is a beautiful thing. I know from working with my parents, mentors, friends, and classmates that working together can really take you places.

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