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  1. Carter, thanks for sharing these thoughts. We’ve certainly made some great progress on this over the last ten years in the US. Hopefully, you can see that Dickinson wants to be a model in this regard (and more hopefully that you think it is). As a mother of two young boys I agree with the importance of helping youth see the importance and urgency of this issue, and what they can do to be part of the solution! It can be overwhelming. One successful way I have found to connect is to use the UN SDG to show how interdependent everything is, and find their “in”. Speak to them in ways that connect to what they care about! Make them see it is about more than protecting the planet. Look forward to working with you!

  2. Hi Carter! Thanks so much for sharing your passion for fighting climate change. I appreciate your reflections on why it is so important to educate young people about climate change and helping them to make progress to be more environmentally friendly. You are so right! If we want to advance sustainability efforts for future generations, it is key to start the education of its importance early.

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