Interdependence Reflection-Stephanie

This idea of interdependence, that we are all related and our actions (or inactions) have a large ripple effect, is often forgotten, which can have negative effects on our society. After reflecting on our first GIS workshop, I realized that just about all of my everyday life choices affect others, both directly and indirectly. For example, as a consumer, when I buy any product from a company, whether it be a grocery store or department store, I am giving them revenue. By supporting a company in this way, the company is able to hire employees and contract with warehouse companies and electricity/utility companies, which indirectly contributes to employing another pool of people. This idea became most evident during the pandemic when many small businesses were struggling to make ends meet and some were unfortunately forced to close down. There was a whole movement on social media and among influencers trying to promote and support small businesses. I know that my family got more takeout than usual over the past year because we knew restaurants were in need of any business they could get.

On the flip side, I also realize that the products and services I rely on in my everyday life would not be possible without the labor and expertise of others. Thus, I realize that I and everyone else are products of interdependence. None of us could navigate through life by only relying on ourselves. As a result, we should all be more conscientious of how our actions affect others and do our best to make ethical decisions.

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