Interdependence Reflection- Johnson

Interdependence is a crucial aspect of one’s life and the choices you make affect not only your life but the lives of others as well. Choices that I make on a daily basis, like recycling, being sustainable, picking up litter, walking, and eating local, are choices that I make that keep me healthy both mentally and physically and also help the environment thus helping others. These types of choices that most affect others, and when people do the opposite like pollute and destroy the environment, these choices hurt others. This is why interdependence is so crucial because what seems like small minute choices are actually choices that make a big difference.

I do see myself as a product of interdependence. I have grown up with the values that have shaped me to be interdependent and thus make decisions with others in mind. This interdependence has helped me grow and has greatly improved my life and the lives of others. I enjoy making decisions that I know are the right decisions because they are decisions that only benefit the environment and improve not only my way of life but hopefully also the way of life of others. I enjoy being interdependent and I look forward to learning more about interdependence and ways in which I can improve.

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