Interdependence – Margaret Gerlach

During the pandemic, I feel like interdependence has become even more prevalent in our day to day lives.  We have always been reliant on others for access to food, water, housing, and other basic necessities and resources, but now we are also reliant on others in order to stay healthy.  Someone else’s choice to follow safety precautions such as wearing a mask and social distancing affects themselves and everyone else around them.  Similarly, someone’s decision to not follow safety precautions impacts other people.  Because of the pandemic, we have to be even more conscientious of interdependence and think about others when making decisions.  My choices affect other people too, not only in terms of choosing to follow safety precautions, but also my choice to get vaccinated impacts other people.  My choice to get vaccinated affects others by protecting them and helping us get closer to achieving herd immunity.

I definitely see myself as a “product of interdependence.”  I am incredibly reliant for everything.  I’m reliant on people who harvest food and stock the grocery stores.  I’m reliant on people who built my house and help to fix it when there are problems.  I also don’t think that I would have made it this far in my schooling without support from my peers and teachers, so I am reliant on them too.  Every aspect of my life is touched by other people and I am incredibly reliant on others.  The pandemic has made me more aware of this fact and how prevalent interdependence is in my life.

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