Interdependence Reflection- Elliott Barr

In such a globalized world, interdependence is at the forefront, unintentionally or not, of a lot of actions or lack thereof. On a personal level, it is clear to see how my actions or inactions translate and take form in relationships I have with others. In particular, COVID-19 has really upped this notion of interdependence for me, especially when it relates to my family and others. As all trying times are, it is sometimes helpful to rely upon others, and this pandemic has proved to be one, encouraging interdependence within the family. In addition, operating on a more national level, the choice to wear a mask out to the supermarket highlights an important fact: “I do not want to contribute to the growing COVID-19 cases, and I am doing my best.” The wearing of a mask is a choice, and it ultimately has its impacts on others; it shows that you are protecting yourself, as well as others. In this pandemic, interdependence is exemplified in so many ways, and mask wearing is one of the many. I do my part with wearing a mask, which highlights a choice I make that, ultimately, affects others in a positive way by keeping them safe from my germs.

I think I am a product of interdependence, because of how present this phenomenon is in all aspects of life. Furthermore, I have various “rules to live by,” and one of them is the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. This phrase highlights interdependence very clearly, as it provides “advice,” that informs me on my actions within relationships. Therefore, I would consider myself a “product,” of interdependence, and would go even further to say most people are, even if they are able to acknowledge it or not.

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