Interdependence Reflection- William Giguere

After some thought, interdependence has been more apparent in our day-to-day lives during this pandemic. Forever humans have been reliant on others. Everyone’s choices impact others in how they go about their own lives. For example, when one goes to the store and buys produce for their family they don’t think about the processes it takes for the product to arrive at the store. Therefore, everyone is dependent of others if one doesn’t believe it. I haven’t been forced to think about how my everyday actions impact others but once I have it’s life-changing. These days we are so accustomed to following the customs and the norms of today but we aren’t really able to look back and see what environmental problems and the millions of other problems humans are causing. If we all take a look back at each of the everyday daily tasks we complete, we can identify where we impact others’ lives and make the changes for the better. Most people do not even think about how interdependence changes and alters their actions. In addition to this, every single purchase one makes impacts so many people. I say this because, in either a restaurant or clothing store, one has to produce the product and either prepares it for sale. This reflection has moved me to be more ethical in my decisions and know that actions impact millions and millions of people without me knowing. I am now more aware of my actions and how they impact others’ choices and lives.


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