On Nov. 5 and Nov. 6, 2016, Dickinson College successfully hosted Posada Conference 2016: Mocking the Status Quo: Sociopolitical Humor and Satire in Latin America, a two-day conference sponsored by The Central Pennsylvania Consortium, as well as Franklin & Marshall College and Gettysburg College. This international conference provided a forum to address the various and manifold developments in the fields of humor and politics in Latin America.
The conference keynote speaker is William Beezley (University of Arizona), noted historian of Mexico and Latin America and author and editor of numerous books, including Judas at the Jockey Club and Other Episodes of Porfirian Mexico(1987), Latin American Popular Culture: An Introduction (Linda Curcio-Nagy, 2000), and A Companion to Mexican History and Culture (2011).

Access to the whole speech can be found here.

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