Lisle-sur-Tarn – Tatiana Veres

2014-09-27 16.07.58

During our busy weekend, we stopped at a winery in Lisle sur Tarn for a tour of the château and a wine tasting session. We met the wine maker, a very nice man, and he showed us around the winery where they actually make and store the wine. I was surprised by how much I learned. Did you know that rosé wine is like red, only they take out the skin earlier so it doesn’t get as much of the red dye? There’s a lot of chemistry that goes in to making wine that I never knew about before. I also liked this saying – You raise wine as you would raise a child. See, the batch of grapes is different each year so you have to prepare it differently each time. Just like with children, you need to adapt because each child learns and develops differently. The funny thing is – I’m still not a fan of the taste of wine!

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