The Modern Electric

I’m always trying to represent bands from Northeast Ohio, seeing as many people around here are always bashing Ohio for many reasons – football, politics, the stereotype of “backwardness.”  Instead of responding to criticisms by bashing all your states, I just try to change your opinion on my home.

According to their bio to LastFM, one of my time consuming websites…

“The Modern Electric is a Cleveland-based Indie-rock band. They are comprised of 4 young gentlemen, Garrett Komyati (vocals, organ/piano) Bryan Lecky (guitar) Matthew Puleo Childers (bass) and Michael O’Brien (drums). All born and raised in the Cleveland area, they play local venues and continue to expand their growing fan base and show their undying love for their city.” (

“David Bowie (Save Us All)”  is a tribute to the rocker and my top most played song “Love and Misery” is about the songwriter wondering what he did to deserve heartbreak.

The album is available on iTunes but if you want to hear a song or two tune into my show on Mondays between 8 and 10pm.

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