ROAR, Viva Viva, and Fierce Creatures!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Here at WDCV, you, the listener, are our year-long valentine. In that spirit, I have for you a box of jams sweeter than any chocolates.

Lately I’ve been digging a lot of pop music. It’s been keeping my mind off the cold, you know? One band that I’ve been freaking out about lately is ROAR, an art pop band from Phoenix AZ. Generally, I use “art pop” to refer to pop music that’s actually interesting, like Shugo Tokumaru. BUT this is serious art pop. As in, I’m pretty sure this EP is a work of art. Both a loving homage to and an intense critique of the idea of the “wall of sound,” the songs will lure you in and then stab you right in the heart! I could give you a more professional artistic critique, but you should just go listen to them here! Start with “I Can’t Handle Change” and “Christmas Kids”.

For those nostalgic for less of the pop, more of the rock, I recommend Bostonians Viva Viva. They’re pretty solid! They remind me of the Howlies, but a version of the Howlies which takes themselves seriously for some reason. I’m not a huge fan of this genre of music, but even I find myself listening to them and rocking out while writing this very sentence. Most importantly though, they have a song called Valentine! So, play that for your significant other. See how it goes?

Finally, in  honor of Arcade Fire’s Grammy takeover, here’s one for fans of the chamber sound. From California, the band Fierce Creatures plays loud, echoey music that I like to listen to in the morning in order to wake up and feel awesome. They’re like coffee, is what I’m trying to say. Also, they are super catchy! I think they would make great dance party music too. So, listen to them while drinking coffee and having an early morning dance party. That’s what I’m trying to say. Listen to their song “Satan is a Vampire” here, and then listen to all their other songs too.

Lastly, here’s a jam for your Valentine’s Day evening. I’m not into either being super romantic or moping about it, I just think it’s a catchy song. Also, a crazy video.

Flirtations – Nothing But Heartache


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