Yuck, The Band That Is The Opposite Of Yucky

Welcome to the blog post about my new obsession, the band Yuck.

Sent to WDCV by the always lovely Terrorbird Media.

This band is rough and edgy as well as whiny and head-bobbingly catchy. They even make weird music videos with naked girls being eaten by werewolf-like monsters:


With an album that is self-produced yet roughly polished to perfection, you can expect and anticipate this band’s upcoming performance in March at the SXSW music festival. They’re officially touring already, focused mainly in the South at first from Georgia then all the way to the West Coast where the tour will eventually end out in San Francisco.

Every song has a little bit of a different feel, but the crooning and crowing remains constant throughout. Nothing is holding this band back and a devoted fan base is already forming speedily and devotedly behind them.

If you like your noise rock with a surf pop/teenage dream-edge, then you will enjoy Yuck.

Feast on, Party on.

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