10 R&B Songs for Post-Finals Feels

10 R&B Songs for Post-Finals Feels


Everybody should be on their way home from school soon and putting finals behind us is the best thing we can do. With so much good R&B projects coming out this year and WDCV’s commitment to sharing underrepresented artists, here are 10 R&B Songs for Post-Finals Feels that we hope you like or already vibe to. For those that aren’t exactly R&B, we couldn’t resist including them and for those who aren’t exactly “underrepresented,” we thought they still seriously deserved the shout out. 

On Your Own – Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith, an English R&B singer, should be recognized as one of this year’s standout vocalists with the release of her debut album Lost and Found, with popular singles like “Blue Lights.” Smith has such contemporary heartfelt lyrics, but maintains a retro vibe citing Amy Winehouse as one of her influences. “On Your Own” shows off Smith’s powerful pipes as she carries out beautiful notes about one of her past breakups.

If you like “On Your Own,” listen to “Wandering Romance” and “Blue Lights”


Around Me – Brent Faiyas

23-year-old Grammy-nominated singer Brent Faiyas already has his name all over the hook of last year GoldLink hit “Crew” which has amassed over 150 million streams on Spotify alone. On “Around Me,” Faiyaz talks about loyalty and fame over a beautiful melody. Separate from releasing his own solo music, Faiyaz is the lead singer of the group Sonder – a word capturing the understanding that everybody you see has a life as complex as your own. Sonder released their debut EP Into last year which was one of Complex’s Top 100 Albums of 2017.

If you like “Around Me,” listen to “Insecure” and “Gang Over Luv”


Lovely – Sonder

With the mention of leader singer Brent Faiyaz, we had to include a great song by the crew Sonder themselves. The crew’s other two members are producers Atu and Dpat that put an electronic feel to the normal R&B harmonies. “Lovely” shows off Faiyaz’s range as he sings about being mesmerized at the strip club. The soul and passion that Sonder puts into every track is unmatched and the whole Intro EP is a masterpiece.

If you like “Lovely,” listen to “Too Fast” and “Sirens”


 Hiding Place – Jordan Rakei

Impressive singer, songwriter and multi-instrumental Jordan Rakei brings soul and jazz a new name with his track “Hiding Place” off of his second album Wallflower released in 2017. Collaborating with the likes of Tom Misch and more recently Loyle Carner, Rakei has also focused on the beautiful simplicity of his background instruments while touching souls with his voice. Jordan Rakei is the definition of a complete artist and at the young age of 26, he is only getting better.

If you like “Hiding Place,” listen to “Ottolenghi” and “Alright”


Been A While – 6LACK

Despite also being Grammy-nominated this year (along with Brent Faiyaz) and having one of the most complete R&B albums of the year with East Atlanta Love Letter, 6LACK (pronounced “black”) continues to not get the widespread love he deserves. Both EALL and his first album FREE 6LACK deserve Grammys for their respective years as 6LACK’s moody failed relationship vibes will win almost everybody over. His raspy, unorthodox voice hits deep and makes you remember the ex you never had.

If you like “Been A While,” listen to “One Way (feat. T-Pain)” and “Never Know”


Stand Still – Sabrina Claudio

22-year old Sabrina Claudio is a Cuban-American singer who continues to blow minds straight from her first EP Confidently Lost released in early 2017. Her voice hypnotizes you with her long notes filled with sensual vibes about love and fighting. While difficult to describe, her voice speaks for itself. Start from her first EP and see how her musical growth!

If you like “Stand Still,” listen to “Orion’s Belt” and “Runnin’ Thru Lovers”


The Real – SiR

Another one I can’t put my finger on as SiR has not yet gained much commercial success, even after being signed to Top Dawg Entertainment with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and SZA. SiR’s mellow and soulful voice lingers on tracks like “The Real” on top of a deep, twangy bassline. SiR has been kept lowkey despite featuring on Anderson. Paak’s Venice and Masego’s latest album Lady Lady. TDE’s soulful specialist released his sophomore album November earlier this year and it’s definitely worth a listen or two.

If you like “The Real,” listen to “The Perfect Remedy” and “Right By You”


Facts – H.E.R.

H.E.R. (H.aving E.verything R.evealed) is a 21-year-old singer signed to RCA records who has done songs with Bryson Tiller, Khalid and Daniel Caesar. Her music goes through her toxic breakups, her stable relationships and her vulnerability throughout. Her confidence is heard in her soothing voice and can combat this vulnerability, leaving the listener with two very powerful sides to love. H.E.R. also was seen on the charts for her cover of Drake’s “Jungle.”

If you like “Facts,” listen to “Fate” or “Could’ve Been (feat. Bryson Tiller)”



Blaise Moore is a Toronto-based singer who combines trippy rolling electronic synths to accompany her sometimes muffled vocals. Moore comes off as raw and real, singing about her ex-boyfriend Laurence, who she named her EP Laurence after. She’s young, confident and definitely has the voice to back it up. She released her second EP Temporary Her in late 2018.

If you like “FRIENDS,” listen to “HE DON’T” and “HANDS”


To Love & Die – Jhene Aiko

Although she’s been a star for years, Jhene’s last full-length album Trip didn’t get the respect it deserved. Despite saying this, spotlighted today is “To Love & Die (feat. Cocaine 80s).” Jhene shows here her true mastery of her powerful voice with well placed rhyme schemes, bridging the gap between R&B and Hip Hop. Jhene can do it all and it’s no secret, having artists like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Common ready to work with her. An incredibly talented artist, her whole discography deserves a listen.

If you like “To Love & Die,” listen to “Stay Ready (What A Life) (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” and “Jukai”


-Written by Myles Parker (’19). Look out on our schedule for my show Double Decker next semester, you can catch some of these songs and more beats and rhythms there

Mac Miller: 1992-2018

Rest in Peace

In his short 26 years of life, Mac Miller developed into the definition of a complete artist. He played five instruments, sang, rapped and produced music for over a decade since his start as a promising young teenager. Pittsburgh loved him and was loyal before his career really took off, spreading his relatable college rap to young kids all over. Growing up with him, his audience stuck close as they also went through hardships and felt similar pains. Mac’s life and journey were transparent and portrayed through his amazing musical growth. Separate from music, Mac had his own TV show and was always seen cracking jokes. Watch any of his interviews or even most recently, his NPR Tiny Desk, where he puts all of his energy into his appearances and still is able to be in high spirits.

Musically, most know Mac for his 5 studio albums, but he was very busy off of the record (no pun intended) that led to 12 other mixtapes, adding numerous classics to his repertoire. To analyze his growth over 26 short years, we’ll dive into his albums and more popular mixtapes:

K.I.D.S. – released August 13, 2010

Mac starts getting noticed with his fourth mixtape, Kickin’ Incredibly Dope S**t (K.I.D.S.) with lyrics about rollin’ around hometown Pittsburgh, smoking with his crew, and the new shoes he cops. The mixtape is full of classic beats on Nikes on my feet, Traffic in the Sky, Knock Knock and more. Everything is about the bars and even the corny ones show that Mac was incredibly skilled, yet still had a lot of room to grow.


Personal favorites: Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza, Nikes on My Feet, La La La,  Senior Skip Day


Best Day Ever – released March 11, 2011

A few months later, Mac was finally seeing the money he deserved. The mixtape is filled with the swagger he gained from being 19 and famous. Songs like Best Day Ever and Donald Trump, which gained popularity after his feud with the entrepreneur/politician, are filled with lines about optimism for his career and about his love for touring for the fans. Mac’s bars were steadily developing, but his mind was all understandably wrapped up in his recent fame.


Personal favorites: Get Up, Best Day Ever, Donald Trump,  Wear My Hat


Blue Slide Park – November 8, 2011

In Mac’s first somewhat introspective album, he deals with heartbreak, fake fans, and the issues of fame. The album pays respect to his roots, named after a park near his High School, but shows that Mac is indeed growing both his mic skills and his perspective. Songs like Diamonds & Gold and One Last Thing take us away from Mac’s previous happy-go-lucky mindset, now clear that the teenager was growing up.


Personal favorites: Blue Slide Park, Under the Weather, Diamonds & Gold, One Last Thing,  Of The Soul


Macadelic – March 23, 2012

Mac becomes less concerned about what type of music he is making and more what we wants to be saying on the tracks. By this time, he has gathered quite the following and has enough exposure to gather Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Lil Wayne and more to feature on the mixtape. Drugs are clearly an influence in his life, mentioned in a good and bad light throughout the tape, but also heard through the psychedelic-type beats. Mac is much more comfortable making what he wants to make, not what others want to hear and it works for him.


Personal favorites: Thoughts from a Balcony,  Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes),  The Question,  F**k ‘Em All,  Vitamins,  Fight the Feeling

Watching Movies With the Sound Off – June 18, 2013

Mac completely sheds his frat-star skin with the most introspective album of his career at the time. WMWTSO was seen as a jumble of feelings put into songs – no real well defined flow, but a very transparent view into Mac’s life that included themes like drug addiction, mourning the death of one of his best friends and love. He self-produced a large part of the album as well, beginning to show that he was more than just a rapper. Good friends Schoolboy Q and Earl Sweatshirt, among others, stand behind him to tell his story.


Personal favorites: I’m Not Real,  Objects in the Mirror,  Red Dot Music,  Remember,  Someone Like You,  Aquarium, I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)


Faces – May 11, 2014

My favorite project of his, “Faces” is filled with Mac rapping, singing, producing and more. He goes out on a limb to really dig into his drug addiction and it comes out through some very profound, introspective bars as well as psychedelic beats. The mixtape is full of movie and jazz samples and flows from start to finish beautifully. Lyrically, Mac is on a whole different level than he was back with K.I.D.S. and now he can bask in the recognition.


Personal favorites:  Inside Outside,  Here We Go,  Friends,  It Just Doesn’t Matter,  Therapy,  Polo Jeans,  Diablo,  Insomniak,  Rain,  Apparition,  Thumbalina,  New Faces v2,  Grand Finale

 GO:OD AM – September 18, 2015

Mac’s awakening from his drug-induced slumber is shown on this album (as well as the cover) as he pushes away from depression into another burst of energy to make one of his most solid rap-heavy albums to date. He’s clean and focused on some of his most famous songs like 100 Grandkids and Weekend feature on the album. With “GO:OD AM,” Mac was a household name.


Personal favorites: Brand Name,  Rush Hour,  100 Grandkids,  Time Flies, Weekend,  Break The Law,  When in Rome,  Perfect Circle,  Cut The Check,  Ascension,  Jump


The Divine Feminine – September 16, 2016

Mac is in love and through his relationship with singer Ariana Grande, his patience with life and world view have definitely changed. After his wake up call on “GO:OD AM,” Mac is clean and falling head over heels in this album. It’s mature album where his singing and rapping flow together perfectly. Mac goes through the motions to talk about relationships, love and how women have changed his life, although not specifically attributing all of this life to his girlfriend at the time. Mac, now with a wide array of fans that also happen to be popular artists, was able to conjure up features from artists like Anderson. Paak, Kendrick Lamar, CeeLo Green, Ariana Grande and Ty Dolla $ign among others.


Personal favorites: Dang!;  Skin;  Cinderella;  We;  My Favorite Part;  God is Fair, Sexy Nasty


Swimming – August 3, 2018


Mac’s last album. Weeks after his split from Ariana Grande, Mac seemingly rewrote the entire album to incorporate messages about his own self-care, heard on the titled song, as well as psychological growth from dealing with the pain of his breakup. Mac also speaks on certain topics like his temper and a continual struggle of dealing with fame. The album is brought together by beautiful instrumentals that span into several genres as well as Mac’s confidence to continue to sing. His journey through life is thrust into his art and we see that not only from new developments on the album, but through the look back to 2009 – the start of him rapping under the name Mac Miller. It ain’t 2009 no more. Yeah I know what’s behind that door. Rest in peace.


Listen to the entire album on your preferred streaming service.


-Written by Myles Parker (’19)

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10 Rap Songs You Should Hear

10 Rap Songs You Should Hear:

Usually there’s too much music being released that I have a hard time keeping up on everything. Also being born in the generation that we were born in, so much good hip hop is in the past and needs to be brought back to light for those who also may have missed it. Below are 10 songs that I think everybody should hear, in no certain order! Leave a comment and let me know what you think or let me know if you like any of them!




Song: Rain

Artist: Vince Staples, Mac Miller

Quote: “We was raised on that fork in the road, no food on our plate, just meals that we stole.”

This trippy 90’s style beat produced by none other than legend 9th Wonder is the perfect pair for two lyrical beasts like these guys. Instantly you get trapped in their flow and they transition flawlessly between each other. The two have so much meaning in every line that you can’t just listen once. Listen to their joint projects on DatPiff like “Winter in Prague” and “Stolen Youth LP”.



Song: Divine

Artist: Kyle Bent, Mick Jenkins

Quote: “Let ‘em spray, man it’s time to eat. I’m a Jew about my dollar, I’m a Nazi bout the beef.”

The reverb track immediately puts you in a trance where you never want the feeling to stop. Once you’re settled, Kyle Bent’s message comes through and is laced with hidden meanings and crazy rhyme schemes. Almost flawlessly does he fade out of the chorus into Mick Jenkins. The change in rapper from verse to verse becomes almost eerie as the two layer their voices over the chorus and Bent’s voice fades out as they go into Mick Jenkin’s verse. Both sound very similar and have similar message-like verses where the song is almost more than rap. A masterpiece, easy enough to say. Go listen.



Song: Gottaknow

Artist: Royce Da 5’9″

Quote: “If I should get my own guilty verdict, may the next man learn from it then flourish. You could put it on the news, you could put my face on the front of a shirt, then the latest video, then blur it.”

Another long time lyricist is the Eminem collaborator and rap super group Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9”. His numerous albums and refusal to adapt to the style of “new wave” rappers has gained him incredible respect over his career. “Gottaknow” off his latest album Layers is a testament to his raw lyrics and the power of his music. The song shows Royce’s poise as one of the best in the game as he spits realness over a hard beat. Get familiar with his discography.



Song: Alive

Artist: Norman Perry

Quote: “As a man I keep it moving, taking risks, getting to it, bein’ broke don’t amuse me.”

Norman Perry was a huge emerging artist for 2016 and has to date only released singles, so we might be expecting something big from him in 2017. As a Rap/RnB artist, he can rhyme whilst also being smooth over the distorted siren-sounding beat. Easy pick – short, catchy song that you can always vibe to. Give it a listen.


Song: Careless

Artist: Freddie Gibbs

Quote: “Freddie Kane, young Corleone. Hoppin’ out the van with the bows of the strong.”

Freddie Gibbs has long since been an OG in the rap scene and the addition of his album Shadow of a Doubt in 2015 confirms it. The song Careless off of it has a slow piano beat with a hard drum track that goes nicely with Freddie’s hard sound. The man does not let up on any track and his speed and rhymes will make you rewind it. Listen to his newest album out last month and others now.


Song: Zipporah (Gravez remix)

Artist: GoldLink

Quote: “What’s a n***a in America? Why the f**k is we here? Why you tell me go back where I’m from when you dragged me here?”

If you don’t know the names of rapper GoldLink or producer Rick Rubin, you have a bit of Googling to do. On GoldLink’s album heavily produced by industry legend Rick Rubin, the two pair up perfectly for the funk that one would expect after GoldLink’s freshman album The God Complex. After releasing his sophomore album, GoldLink released a remix album from mostly electronic producers, some with big names such as CRNKN, Falcons, Mr. Carmack and of course, Gravez. Gravez’ crazy xylophone beat paired with GoldLink’s vocals is a perfect addition to his collection.


Song: All Day

Artist: Jerreau

Quote: “I beat the trap like ya best point guard, I gout up out of the hodd but I didn’t go far.”

Partnered with on the most talented producers in the industry, Mr. Carmack, the new rapper Jerreau emerged with a single and a full album in 2016. The A+ production California breezy drive vibe with a funky distorted bass line is bound to get your head to nod. Jerreau is the young gun you’ve been searching for – give all day and his album “Never How You Plan” a listen.


Song: Webbie Flow (U Like)

Artist: Isaiah Rashad

Quote: “Scribble down, I’m rapping like Kool. Inspire all my local jokers who be quitting that school.”

Zay gets in his head about what he really wants to do when he’s feeling himself and there’s no better way to do it then spitting on this chill, drunk style beat that represents perfectly Isaiah’s style. None other than Mr. Carmack making the list again with his amazing production, go listen to the entire Cilvia Demo if you haven’t already. Webbie Flow isn’t necessarily the first stand out track, but everything that’s behind it makes it too easy to vibe to.


Song: Liberation

Artist: SiR, Anderson. Paak

Quote: “I’m a extraterrestrial, born in a telescope. Dressed like an Eskimo, on point like a decimal.”

The newest Top Dawg Entertainment signee SiR has only released one studio album, but already has support from one of RnB’s hottest hits right now: Anderson. Paak. SiR’s style is similar with a smooth voice and the silky beats that you’ll want to bottle up inside your headphones. “Liberation” is no different consisting of a funky guitar groove, nice bass, and a hard to match verse by Mr. Paak. This song is upbeat, as clean as they come and a definite must listen.


Song: Bout a Dolla

Artist: The O’My’s, Chuck Inglish, Chance the Rapper, Twista, Blended Babies

Quote: “Let me flash the bang, wait and see if they buck, Let me see if they miss, if they hit me it’s luck.”

So much talent on one track. Chance’s guest verse is a nice surprise and is paired perfectly with a twangy guitar melody that gives the song a similar feel to Chance’s song “Family” which has a Blended Babies remix. Twista’s speed, Chance’s rhymes and The O’My’s on the hook is all you need to fall in love with this song.


-Written by Myles Parker (’19)

Look out for my show Double Decker on the WDCV schedule directly across from the DDen by the mailboxes for next semester!