2016 Student Projects

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Globe Trotting Graham   *   If Social Media was the Coach   *    Interrobang Books   *    Life in Death   *   Matt’s Declassified College Survival Guide   *    Twinty-Two: Where Twins are Behind the Typing    *   Yomikai: Stories of My Year in Japan

Fall 2016

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10:57: The Music Blog With a Story

10:57 is a music blog unlike any other. Not only will I be recounting the exciting radio shows I host on Dickinson’s very own college radio station, but I will also be reviewing music that I think should be listened to by all. So if you need some new groovy tunes, or just want to know what I think the new Tribe album, check out my blog! And don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday at midnight!


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cropped-img_4104Baking New Friends

Baking New Friends was a blog made to satisfy your sweet tooth! Come learn some new recipes that you can easily make at college and learn what students at Dickinson College are up to! This blog is supposed to be delicious and interesting, so please enjoy!

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 SamKnappHeadshotA Blog About Something: A collection of musings, findings, and thoughts about life’s daily absurdities

A Blog About Something, is a random collection of personal posts that each end with some form of life lesson or main takeaway for the reader.

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Caf Hacks: A Guide to Creative Eating

caf hacks headerAs a student it sometimes can be difficult to figure out what to eat, especially if you are limited to cafeteria style food. “Caf hacks” is a food based blog for college students that shows unique combinations and ways to “work” the typical cafeteria. However, the strategies and tips on this blog can stretch to really anyone looking for creative ways to utilize ingredients in an affordable and realistic way. As well as posting recipes and tips, I also will incorporate interviews with people who have different eating habits, such as athletes, gluten free/dairy free people, etc. to see what they do. So if you’re looking for ways to switch up your eating, check it out!

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IMG_6075Chasing the Coast: A Survival Guide

Have you ever wanted to travel across the country? That is how this travel blog came to life. This up-tempo travel blog will serve as a road map for my cross-country road trip. Along the way, I also use the blog as a platform to reflect on my four years at Dickinson. Entering the real world can be a scary transition, and I used this blog to help make that transition smooth. Please offer any suggestions on places I should visit! Thanks, I hope you enjoy!

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Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 9.07.52 PMPower to the Women!

Cherrybomb17013.com consists of interviews of women on campus relating to their sexuality.  Being a young woman in today’s society where we are constantly being sexualized in the media I think it is important to discuss this broad topic in hopes that it sparks thought provoking and interesting conversations.

 There is still so much I have to lean, but I hope that through this blog you can go through this journey with me and learn new things about people who may be having similar thoughts as yourself!

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Dickinson Chalk Talk

TylerAs a senior I am nearing the end of my athletic career but I have learned a tremendous amount from the experiences I’ve had as a student-athlete. So why not try and pass some of that knowledge along to you?!

I don’t want to bore you by talking about myself all of the time so I have decided to incorporate interviews of other student-athletes to help depict the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to life as a student-athlete. I hope to provide you with authentic content that will be both interesting and informative, whether you are a student-athlete yourself or have never played a sport in your life.

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An Ender Adventure

Lindsey MFollow the many (mis)adventures of a college girl and her off-the-track-thoroughbred as they train for upper-level, three-day eventing competitions.

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Globe Trotting Graham

IMG_1285Throughout my 20 years of life, I have been to many places around the United States and the World. I have been to every region in the U.S and I’ve been to over five countries. When I travel, I am always taken away by the beauty each location has to offer. From the stunning beaches in Mexico, to the great big skys of the Midwest, this world has so much to it that people don’t always see. “Globe Trotting Graham” will allow you to read about all of the amazing places I have been to and the experiences I have had the opportunity to be apart of. I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe, it will make you want to visit one of these amazing locations!

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If Social Media was the Coach

Lindsey ZIf you imagined a game, any sort of game, in which you had male athletes and female athletes on a team, and social media was the coach, who would the coach put in? Male athletes. They would start, they would be the substitutes, they would attract all the attention and get all the credit, while female athletes sat on the bench. And really if social media was the coach, after team tryouts, female athletes would not even get to be on the bench they would be put on the junior varsity team and left to be the shadow of the varsity team, the male athletes. The goal of my blog is to write about the accomplishments of female athletes the way they should be talked about. If I was the coach, female and male athletes would be played equally based on talent and what is best for the team.

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courtneyInterrobang Books

A blog about books, writing, and life. Follow for book reviews, writing tips, and general musings.

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Life in Death

RikkaThis blog is about my internship at the Coroners Office. I have always been fascinated with science and anatomy, so I decided peruse this internship to gain a different perspective on life. Death is mostly something people want to avoid, but I wanted to learn from it and gain a full life experience. I was able to see the world in full circle, and work in a unique environment where life and death are put close together in a room. I kept a journal to process and think about what I was seeing and reflect on what I was feeling. This blog explores the experiences I was a part of and the cases I worked. Being involved in this internship, I have developed a new respect and fascination with death and one day will peruse a career in forensic pathology.

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Matt’s Declassified College Survival Guide

Matt's DeclassifiedCollege SurvivalGuideThis is a college blog, but long story short, I promise that this blog won’t be your standard “everything is awesome” college blog. I also promise that Grumpy Cat isn’t my spirit animal. My hope is that this blog will be, more so than anything else, honest. Maybe through these accounts of my experience, you might find a new way to navigate the challenges in yours. Some of my posts might give me a chance to be a nostalgic senior reminiscing on all the cool things I’ve been able to do, but I think I’ve learned something worthwhile from every situation, especially the challenging ones. I hope that what follows in this blog is useful in some way, whether it’s reminding you of an awesome experience you’ve had or giving you another way to approach one of college’s many challenges.

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 Twinty-Two: Where Twins are Behind the Typing 

AmyAs a twin, I’ve answered a lot of silly questions by very smart people who are just interested in what it means to be a twin. My sister and I have found that a lot of multiples bond over this shared experience of being approached by strangers on a daily basis, but realize that you don’t meet a new set of twins (or multiples!) in your average day. This blog is written by twins for twins and those who can relate to almost every experience being a shared one! Our posts are a collection of those silly questions and anecdotes from our 22 years of being twins.

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Aug 21, 2015Yomikai: Stories of My Year in Japan

When you study abroad in a foreign country for a year, you come home with lots of stories to tell. This blog features a few of mine from my year in Akita, Japan. If you’re interested in travel, school, or daily life in Japan, then stop on by!

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