2017 Student Projects

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2017 Digital Environments Class

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 24 Hour Rule: The Life of a D3 Athlete https://d3lifeblog.wordpress.com

My intention behind creating this blog is to document to the best of my ability what life is like for a division three athlete. I want to give a voice to these athletes and let them have a chance to tell their story.

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Amicus Curiae 

This blog was conceived as a way to educate college students and other Millennials about important proceedings before the United States Supreme Court. My hope is that by using sarcasm and irony, as opposed to the typically dry and boring reporting so often seen, I will be able to chip away at the apathy I see as too prevalent among my generation. Accordingly, all of the posts featured on this site will exhibit exaggerated and humorous takes on my natural liberal inclinations, and as such, should not always be taken seriously. It is my hope that these posts will encourage young people to think critically about the important cases that will directly impact them in one way or another, and in doing so, will provide a fresh point of view and maybe even a laugh or two.

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90s cartoons

A Blast from the Past 

Throughout this blog, I hope to bring back memories and feelings that you had while watching the shows that I am writing about. Maybe a moment where you say, “oh yeah, I remember that part” or “I loved that character!” or even remembering the opening theme song. In my blog, I am hoping to express, and hopefully relate, my opinion and feelings of shows to yours. I’m not aiming to get a point across, or debate an argument, I’m just a 90’s kid writing about about 90’s cartoons.

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My mission with BlogTube.com is to inform the reader about the current state of television while offering a slightly more humorous experience than most other rating based blogs (I’m talking about you TV By the Numbers). Every week I hope to post informative pieces about the current state and health of television or discussions how certain changes in the fields climate, such as new shows on Netflix, may affect viewership of other programs. Overall, I hope to provide an informative yet entertaining blog about the state of television from week to week.

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Existentially Modern 

Existentially Modern aims to illuminate the different ways in which college students interact with various religions and belief systems in their own lives and in a campus setting.  The content emphasizes the function and application of faith within the everyday lives of young adults, and hopefully along the way will lessen certain religious stigmas that circulate.  In a modern age where religion seems to have less of a meaningful impact on newer generations, this blog hopes to shed light on how faith plays an important (or not important) role in young peoples’ lives.

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The Fifa Community

My connection with Fifa started in 2004 when my father gave me the game for my birthday. Every year I think I increase my playtime of Fifa and consumption of media relating to the game. Fifa has also provided me with an online community of friends that share my passion for the game.  Hopefully this site can provide a fun environment to find out Fifa news and discuss your own opinions.

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 The Gauntlet 

Discussion forums have long been a part of human history as a form of entertainment dating back to ancient civilization. Following the technological revolution of the twenty-first century, forums have evolved from physical locations to its current destination on the internet. Today, blogs have evolved into the virtual alternative. The Gauntlet intends to create an online forum based in debate and discussion.

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 Here & Back Again   

My goal with this blog is to help other students returning abroad have a better experience re-adjusting to college life. Learn from my mistakes! While my stories are personal, I will do my best to make my solutions accessible to you.

If studying abroad is a part of your life, I hope you will feel at home here. Whether you are currently abroad or are planning on going abroad, these resources are for you. If you have already been abroad, I would love to hear your feedback on obstacles you faced and strategies you used to overcome them.

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Hidden Gems Uncovered Blog  

This blog will focus on a variety of different topics. Most of these topics will be areas of interests for me, questions I want to explore, people I find interesting, etc. Some things I may cover are women in STEM, the stereotypes of athletes, and more. My ultimate goal is to explore and educate myself and others through people and their experiences. I love talking to people and getting to know them better. This blog is my excuse to do that. It’s very easy to talk to people when you tell them it’s for an interview. Most of the content on this blog will be me highlighting people based on the topics that I choose to look into every week.

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Hidden Si[gh]tes   

Living in a small college town, like Carlisle, it can be easy to find yourself feeling restrained by the limited environment you live in (about 8 months out of the year). Hidden Si[gh]tes is a blog that provides places to go and activities to do in the surrounding Carlisle and Cumberland County area for the community of Dickinson College.

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Life at a Liberal Arts College 

While at my liberal arts school, I have observed a lot of familiarities that can be compared to other liberal arts schools. I notice these comparisons while seeing my brother go to college at a different small PA liberal arts school as well. This got me thinking about all of the similarities and differences between school under the liberal arts category. Alas this blog was born.

I hope my blog invokes creativity and thought to it’s readers. If you too are a college student, hopefully you can relate to some of my posts. Even if your school seems to differ immensely from mine, I hope to bring entertainment to your digital reading!

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Revised Ravings

This blog is a space for grappling with identities, challenging anxieties, and finding out who the hell I am after all these years of acting a part. I hope that through reading my revised late night ravings that you can find similarities and differences and that together we can tackle the uncertainty of senior year.

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Scalding and Chill

Scalding and Chill is a humor and pop-culture blog that explores an array of contemporary entertainment topics through an intersectional lens. This blog is the theoretical love child of society’s obsession with celebrity culture, and society’s ability to tear pop idols down in a heartbeat – the content is passionate. I created this blog because I wanted a realm in which I could voice my opinions about the pop culture artifacts that I engage with, regardless of their popularity. Scalding and Chill is this space where your faves are read for filth, questioned about their actions and you as a stan are challenged to do better. This blog covers the lovable components of meme and clapback culture, but also provides into the structural and intersectional explanations for the failures of these channels. This blog is unapologetic. This means don’t get your feelings hurt when tea gets spilled and you weren’t expecting it to be broiling. In my best Real Housewives tag line voice:  “My tea is always scalding, but don’t worry, my shade will cool you off.” Does a twirl!  

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The Senior Year Confidential 

This blog isn’t about anything cool like how to get away with murder or something like that. In fact I am writing this blog for college seniors like myself to come and enjoy my attempt at humor as I discuss the ups and downs of our final year.

My blog will also feature useful tips for college students about what are good employment sites to check out, tips for your first networking event and other things of that nature.

My blog is about my experiences, but I will have times where other seniors can share their experience as well.

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Study Spots

I decided to create this blog because I found myself always going to the library and doing my work. Yes, the library is a great place to do work but I got bored of always going there. I believe every student should explore the campus and find different areas where they can study. Dickinson College has different buildings like Rector, Kauffman, and Althouse where students can study. Also during the spring time, Morgan Field can be a great place to read a book. Hopefully, students will benefit from my blog posts.

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Win The Day

Throughout this blog I hope to bring you all on the journey with me as a Division three college athlete. I plan to highlight the specific events and activities our team participates in and show what sets us apart from the rest. Community service, team building, lacrosse practice, are important aspects of being an athlete but also highlighting how that translates to the other part of campus. (The academic side). Showing what its like to be a student athlete and how we interact throughout campus is another goal of this blog! Providing insight on our program and the goals we set out for a season can hopefully show you guys the day of the life of a student athlete at Dickinson.

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