Weekend Activities

This weekend was especially exciting for cyclists and bike enthusiasts. Friday was Campus Sustainability Day on Britton Plaza. Both the Bike Blenders and the Handlebar could be seen making smoothies and performing bike tuneups. The chilly October weather couldn’t deter students from churning out delicious bike blender smoothies.


Even the Green Devil got in on the smoothie-making!


The Handlebar fixed a couple bikes and spread the word about what we do and what our hours are in the shop. Four of our volunteers showed up to help out, and had a blast talking to people.

IMG_6828After a busy Friday afternoon came Bike to the Farm Potluck on Saturday. This semester’s Bike to the Farm Potluck was a bit different, as it was held on a Saturday afternoon, and participants got to bike both to and from the Dickinson College Farm. Before departing, Officer Killinger from DPS gave everyone a quick speech about cycling on the road. The crowd was broken into five different speed groups for the 6.7 mile ride.


Unfortunately, it was very windy on Saturday, so the ride out to the Farm was a bit more difficult and slower than usual, but everyone managed to make it. At the Farm, we were greeted by the Anthropology and Archaeology departments, who had been harvesting and cooking quinoa early that morning.


Once all of the bikers arrived, it was time to dig in. There was bread, pasta, cake, cookies, cheese, salsa, apple cider, salad, and more. Many people sat around the bonfire to keep toasty-warm, while others mingled with friends.


The ride back to campus was much faster, as the wind was at our backs and it was more downhill. People grabbed their bags and dishes, which had been driven to and from the Farm, and left, full of food and happy that they had attended the event.

IMG_6942 IMG_6943If you weren’t able to attend these awesome events, never fear! Even though as the semester progresses the weather will get worse, that does not deter us from holding events, opening the Handlebar, and jumping on our bikes for a quick ride to Leo’s or around the countryside. Keep an eye out for more bike blenders, more bike fixing, and more cycling!