2017 Class Blog Projects

It’s time for the new class of Writing in and for Digital Environments  to unveil their blog projects for the term!

Students, please a leave a comment on this post that includes your URL as well as a short description of what we can expect from your project.

Thank you!
~Prof. Kersh

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19 Responses to 2017 Class Blog Projects

  1. waleskik says:


    Life at a Liberal Arts College
    Throughout this semester, I hope to develop a strong blog that discusses different characteristics of Liberal Arts Colleges and talk about what makes them unique. I am going to craft an aesthetic blog that holds posts such as lists and interviews to get a good sense of the topic as well as keep the posts interesting to read.

  2. maherdy says:

    The title of my blog is called Win The Day. Each year on our team we pick a motto that we break every huddle with and base our values around. Win the day is important to us because it means not allowing a teammate or yourself to take one play, one class or one anything off. You can expect to gain insight on what its like to be a lacrosse player at a school like Dickinson. How does it compare to other schools or even sports that are played here? What are some daily struggles? How can we break the stereo type that lacrosse gets? Also, features on certain players and interviews with a lot of pictures and videos.

    Below is the URL of my blog:

  3. Dr. Watson says:

    The title of my blog is Amicus Curiae, and the url address is https://9blackrobes.wordpress.com/

    This blog will essentially be a sarcastic and ironic look at current cases and issues being heard in the judiciary, primarily by the Supreme Court of the United States. To be more specific, I will be focusing these posts on topics that directly affect college students and other Millennials.

  4. Readersknowbest says:

    The Senior Year Confidential is a blog dealing with all the highs and lows that come along with your final year in college. The blog plans to advise, inspire and humor individuals on getting through that final year. If you’re a senior or you know a senior year this blog is a place to de-stress, enjoy and have a place you might be able to relate to. To find out more about the, The Senior Year Confidential, check out the link below.

  5. Coral says:

    My blog is called Existentially Modern: https://existentiallymodern.wordpress.com/
    It will center around my exploration of different religions/beliefs on Dickinson campus through attendance at different religious events and services as well as interviews. The point of my blog is to explore how faiths play a role in young adults’ lives in a modern age where popular culture is not often conducive to religious practices.

  6. mcquirk says:

    Here & Back Again is a blog exploring my transition back to life on a small college campus after a year abroad. This blog aims to be a resource to students who will study abroad in the future, as well as a place for me to catalog my mission to re-discover my place at Dickinson.


  7. Shu Han Yoder says:


    A Blast from the Past
    In this blog I look to discuss and dig deeper into cartoons that we all watched as kids. I intend to analyze and dig deeper into each show as a whole, while picking out specific scenes in certain episodes. The whole point of this blog is to relate to a part of each readers childhood and hopefully bring back positive memories and feelings that we all had while watching these shows.

  8. Orange Juice says:

    The title of my blog is BlogTube.com. Over the course of the semester I hope to develop a blog that discusses the current state of television and analyzes events that may have an impact on TV. I will attempt to do this in a slightly sarcastic way so my blog does not end up being a dull source of information on the state of television. Overall, I hope to entertain and inform the reader about what’s going on with what they’re watching.

  9. Shucka says:

    Hey! The name of my blog is laspotlight. Laspotlight is a blog created to highlight people at Dickinson, their adversities, achievements, and their life. Each week I will have a particular theme to focus on such as women in STEM, Athletes who don’t fit their negative stereotypes and so on. The blog is supposed to be positive as it will highlight the cool things about others and the sides to people that others may never get to see. This blog is quite similar to humans of new york except I will not just take a snippet of what I want. readers will get a holistic view of the people I have up on my blog. My blog can be found at this url:


  10. RailRider says:

    The name of my blog is 24 Hour Rule: The Life of a D3 Athlete. It will document what life is like for a d3 athlete at Dickinson College, by going in depth on a variety of aspects of everyday life at Dickinson. The goal of the blog will be to provide student-athletes with a voice along with the chance for athletes and non-athletes to have a more complete understanding of who student athletes are beyond just the playing fields.

  11. croissant says:


    My blog is about everything Fifa related. Fifa is a soccer video game. The latest version of Fifa was released on September 29th. I will discuss how people are feeling about the game, reviews of the players in the game, and drama between the Fifa YouTubers.

  12. tortorec says:

    The name of my blog is Hidden Si[gh]tes and it is about places to go and activities to do in the surrounding Carlisle and Cumberland County area. I chose this as my subject simply because it is a subject of a blog that I wish existed or one that I knew about if it does already. My goal is to use this blog as an opportunity to help those who want something to do when they are bored and want to get to know the new environment they are now living in. I am hoping to use photography as a strong hook to capture my viewers attention.

  13. One Fine Vine says:


    The title of my blog is Revised Ravings, and is a lifestyle/advice blog for people going through the thesis writing process. This is a space for me to explore writing and to document what being a senior english major is like and to hopefully create some entertaining content for my peers. Get ready for wacky close readings, late night musings, literary epiphanies, and what ever else my heart desires. Also, please follow the instagram for the blog: https://www.instagram.com/revisedravings/?hl=en, where I will be posting pictures of a robin’s egg blue type writer across campus, as it follows my written escapades.

  14. Notorious says:

    Study Spots
    Throughout this semester, I plan to write about the different areas where students can do their work. Dickinson College offers many study spots that allows students to work on group projects and to take advantage of their resources. Ultimately, my goal is to provide students helpful study spots while showcasing our school’s campus.

  15. wrightx says:


    My blog raises the question what would win in a fight, “Tiger v. Lion.” In my blog, I analyze their weaponry, defenses, and abilities to determine which predator would survive inside “The Gauntlet.”

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