A Blast From the Past

Everyone’s childhood wasn’t complete without Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or Disney Channel. I remember that every day after school I would come home and turn on Spongebob, after my mom made me do my homework of course. Even today, as college students we enjoy watching cartoons from our childhood. Why? Because we still love them, they bring back memories and a good chuckle here and there. Even after class some days I’ll throw on an episode of Cat Dog or The Fairly Odd Parents. This is exactly what I want to center my blog on, cartoons that everyone is familiar with from our childhood. There are so many old shows that go right over our heads that we don’t always think about, but when we remember them we go, “oh yeah, I loved that show!”


Each blog would be about a different cartoon that most kids watched while growing up, analyzing characters and going into depth about the show and whatever episode it is that I watched. Looking through other blogs and websites, I really enjoy the layout of Cartoon Network, having a fair amount of descriptions but also numerous photos, because it’s about cartoons. There are also videos that are useful and everyone wants to see. I think this will be a good idea because a lot of people forget about the cartoons that they watched while growing up, and reading this will hopefully remind them how good the cartoons were and how fortunate we were to have such good shows.



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