Blog idea

I am going to create a blog that will provide students the best study spots on campus. Last year, I found myself doing most of my homework at the library. I enjoyed the library because that was where my friends did their homework and I always got my work done there too. But there were days where I was just bored of doing my work at the library and I wanted to find another good spot to do work.

Since the new school year has already begun, you probably already have your study spots where you get your work done. Some students prefer an area where its quiet and where theyre not easily distracted by noise. While other students prefer an area where theyre able to talk to one another and arent distracted by the noise around them. I enjoy a little bit of both. Some days I like to be able to be in an area thats quiet and concentrate on my work. Other days, I like doing homework where I can talk to my friends.

I want to create a blog where I can showcase our campus while providing useful study areas for students. I have never done this before but Im sure it wont be hard at all. I got this idea from an online blog called CengageBrainiac where they offer college students tips on how to study and tackle problems that come their way. This could even be useful for freshman who are new to the school and are looking for places to do their homework. I will include areas like the study rooms, empty classrooms, science buildings, and even local restaurants. I will also include area where students can do their work outside for people who love the outdoors. And finally, I will create a community where readers can engage and give their feedback.

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