What Should I Write About?

I would like to design a blog that is centered around what is going on in the Fifa community. For those who don’t know Electronic Arts make a video game called Fifa every year. Fifa 17 is a soccer game that sold 11.2 millions copies as of July 29th 2017. Not only is the game widely played around the world, there is also a large community that discusses the game. Many youtubers make a living each year posting footage of the game with a commentary over it. I would like to build a blog that focuses not only on the new additions each week to the game but the drama the popular fifa youtubers are creating.

The newest edition of Fifa is coming out September 29th and hopefully this will provide a lot of content for me to work with especially during the beginning of the game’s life cycle.

A blog that I would like to emulate is Bleacher Report. Bleacher Report is a great site that has articles on nearly every major sports team or competition. They have a great mix of longer form pieces, top 10 lists, opinion articles, and even articles centered around statistics. I think this would be a great blog to base mine off because it gives me freedom to discuss the different aspects of the Fifa community. Bleacher Report also has a comment section that allows fans to voice their opinions on each piece. Overall Bleacher Report is a great site for me to draw ideas about layout and content.

Another blog that inspires my work is Reddit. The Fifa subreddit is a thriving community of over 112,000 users who interact over a shared topic posted. After spending time in this subreddit you can get a sense on how the community is feeling about the game. I think my blog would essentially be an expansion of a Reddit post. An issue many people run into on Reddit is the confusing layout by having text only in the subject of each post. I would like to run images with the titles of my articles to help them standout.

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