Special Issue in Honor of Charles Hallisey

ISSN 1076-9005
Volume 31, 2024

Becoming a Student, Remaining a Student, Never Less than a Student: A Special Issue in Honor of Charles Hallisey

Karen Derris, University of Redlands
Natalie Gummer, Beloit College
Maria Heim, Amherst College

This Special Issue in honor of Charles Hallisey is edited by three friends and colleagues who began studying with him in the 1990’s. We asked twenty-four contributors—drawn from Hallisey’s students and colleagues—to reflect in short essays on how Charles Hallisey’s work on “moral anthropology” has influenced their work in Buddhist ethics and literature. Hallisey’s felicitations of two of his own teachers begin the collection, and an Afterword by Wendy Doniger completes it. We also include a consolidated transcript based on two interviews with Hallisey conducted by Natalie Gummer in the Summer and Fall of 2023. This introduction sets out some of the interventions of Hallisey’s work in Buddhist ethics and the major themes of the contributors.
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