How do I contact the Journal?

For general, submissions, and publication enquiries, or for technical problems, send an email message to Victor Forte (vforte@albright.edu).  

How often is the Journal published?

There are no set publication dates; articles and reviews are published as soon as they are received and approved. 

How are new articles announced?

We post a notice on H-Buddhism. You may also subscribe to this blog by clicking on the “entries” icon at the bottom of this page. 

Is there a style guide?

Yes. See “JBE Style Guide” under “Resources” on the left sidebar of the homepage. 

How do I send you my article?

See “Research Articles” or “Book Reviews” under “Contact Us” on the left sidebar of the homepage. 

Are submissions peer reviewed?

Yes. Articles submitted for publication are sent to referees for blind review. 

How long will it take to publish my article?

We aim to have your article refereed not more than two months after submission. Other than the time you spend on revision of the article, the rest of the process can go quickly. You may contact us at any time to check on where we are in the process. 

I am an academic based in the UK. Does electronic publication count in the Research Assessment Excercise?

Yes. The funding councils have stated that paper and electronic publications will be assessed on an equal basis.

How do I cite a JBE article in a paper I am writing?

Cite the page numbers, volume and year just as you would in the case of a paper journal. Example: King, Winston L. 1995. “Judeo-Christian and Buddhist Justice,” Journal of Buddhist Ethics 2:67-82.

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