Carlisle Farmers Markets Boasts Rich History

farm-market.giffarm-market.gifOne of the joys of living in Carlisle has always been the ability to buy fresh produce from local farmers markets.   The markets date back earlier then the 1900’s and have been providing fresh produce to the Carlisle community and others nearby for many years.  A Dickinson student in 1901, Edwin F. Hann, in a paper for Sociology class [Housed at the Special Collections Library, Dickinson College] discussed the local markets in Carlisle: “The good natured farmer man, the jolly farmer wife, the bashful farmer boy, and others are all merchants at this famous Carlisle market; rich man, poor man, doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief, are all buyers at this famous Carlisle market.”  Over one hundred years after the writing of this paper, the markets continue to make strides and grow.

The Carlisle Central Farmers Market recently opened in mid-September with a potential for further growth.  “We’d like to improve downtown Carlisle and provide organic food in walking distance,” said Jason Fortney, who sold organic produce with CCFM board member Nancy Grim.  The need for local fresh produce is still highyl apparent in the community.  “I want it to succeed.  I dont have my garden anymore, and I still want fresh things,” said local Carlisle resident Mary Harter.  In an era of “big box” companies, the local farmers markets of Carlisle continue to support the economy of the town and provide the community with fresh produce.


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