How are “Others” viewed?

In a 1901 Sociology class at Dickinson College, Jessie Houch, explained how some higher class (White) Calislians viewed “coloered people.  Houch states, “[Carlisle colored community ranges] from the queit unobtrusive colored gentlemen, of course, vulgar, loud, ‘coon’ who loafs on the street and by his or her presence makes the streets unsafe and the air unfit to be breathed.” He also notes, “for amusement colored people have many dances, cakewalks, fights etc, fill in their programme pretty well, and some exhibitions given are a novel to say the least.”

questions: i wonder how higher class (white) Carlislians view black hip-hop culture, as well there response to those  who are not black, yet choose to embrace the new black hip-hop culture?


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