Carlisle’s Oldest Italian Eatery

The current owner of George’s Sub Shop, Pete Mesitoris, located on High Street, is the son of the orginal owner, George.  During the Interview, much to my suprise, Pete noted that Wal-Mart was a welcomed addition to the Carlisle community. He explained that the big box giant contributes a substantial amount to the community via taxes. He also made note of the fact that most of the stores located in downtown Carlisle all have their own niche, different from most products offered at Wal-Mart. Finally, he explained that if anything, Wal-Mart has brought more business to the downtown area. Pete is a rather worldly fellow and he was a pleasure to interview, in fact after the interview he gave me a pizza “on the house.” As a result, I will be dining at George’s more frequently.

– E.M.

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