Review of Interview with Mr. Cassius Mullen by Stephen Gensemer, Class of 99′

I have noticed by reading and analyzing interviews conducted by others some of the problems that can arise from trying to get ones true story about a particular event in history opinion. The interviewer’s job is to act thought provoking questions and dig deep into their subject to try and get to the bottom of the story. The problem that I found within this Oral History interview between Mr. Mullen and Mr. Gensemer was the inconsistencies within the actual questions themselves. The interview seems to be all over the place that there is no one main point or topic within the general flow of the conversation. Another critique is that the interviewer consistently cut the interviewee off to ask a question. This should never happen because the job of the interviewer is to find the true and whole story by cutting the speaker off you run the risk of not getting the full story. In short the Interview gave us a glimpse into the life of Mr. Mullen and his life here in Carlisle but I hate to say that more could have been learned if the question would have been phrased better and had more of a unified flow to them.


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