American Dream in Carlisle

According to the Borough of Carlisle: “Strolling through historic downtown, one is greeted by unique architecture, quaint shops, and overall SERENITY.
With a reputation as a growing and viable community, historic Carlisle CONTINUES TO MEET THE EVER-EVOLVING ECONOMIC NEEDS OF ITS CITIZENS.
Civic pride appears throughout Carlisle’s well-maintained community.† Restored homes, manicured lawns, and flower boxes reflect the pride of homeownership where peoples of ALL economic backgrounds have achieved the “AMERICAN DREAM” through AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND HIGH EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS.† Citizens continually volunteer and support local programs involving the elderly, youth and disenfranchised revealing the MORAL FIBER of this great town.
Carlisle’s cultural environment is a diverse mix”
Do you as a community agree or disagree with these statements? Is Carlisle truly this idyllic place referenced to by the Borough, or is there more to Carlisle than meets the eye?

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