James Wilson

The Molly Pitcher and the James Wilson have comparable histories. Both hotels went through similar changes. The James Wilson Hotel is now known as Safe Harbour. Safe Harbour is a shelter and human service center for homeless families and battered women and their children. The James Wilson Hotel was one of the more popular hotels here in Carlisle during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. The James Wilson Hotel was located on South West Corner of High Street and Pitt. It opened up as the James Wilson Hotel on August 18, 1938, according to an article in the Sentinel titled, “Argonne Renamed James Wilson Hotel” printed on August 18, 1938. During this time it was owned my Beauford S. Swartz who decided on the name change, borrowing the name of a Carlisler who played a distinguished role in the formation of the country 150 years ago…announced today the change of its name to James Wilson Hotel.” Swartz decided to change the hotel name from Argonne to The James Wilson Hotel not only because the property was once owned by James Wilson but also because he was one of the signers of the constitution. He was also a very important figure in early American history. Wilson bought this property from Richard Tea in 1772. Wilson owned many properties around the Carlisle area.The reason I think this information is uncertain is because Wilson could have rented space from Tea before he bought the property. According to this 1938 article in the Sentinel Wilson began living in this Tavern in 1769 soon after it became the Mansion House.

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