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While George’s and Piatto differ, they both understand the importance of investing in the Carlisle economy. In June 2002, The Sentinel featured an article on Mr. Merisotis and his development of George’s after he built a patio in back of the restaurant to offer a more unique dining experience. “…what makes it special are the various handcrafted items made of materials manufactured or purchased in Carlisle.”[1] Showing his pride in, and loyalty to, the town, Mr. Merisotis built the addition with materials all coming from the local economy. Mr. Merisotis displays his hometown pride, in the following clip, by explaining the direction he feels would benefit the town’s future. [audio:merisotis.mp3]

At Piatto, Mr. Morris shares a similar vision of investing back into local businesses. In speaking about the food products his restaurant uses Mr. Morris mentions that “usually it’s locally purchased produce and food items, and we do that whenever we can.”[2] Despite their different business approaches, these two business owners share a similar vision for the future of Carlisle which is vital to the town’s success in the future. In the following audio clip, Mr. Morris explains the similar perspective his fellow business owners share. [audio:morris.mp3]

The town’s future vision is representative of previous endeavors interested in changing the landscape, with the only difference being an emphasis on the development of a “high culture.” A recent comprehensive borough plan demonstrates this vision in its mission statement. “The citizens of Carlisle will continually strive to make Carlisle an even greater place in which to live, work, learn, and play. These efforts will emphasize an active downtown, strong neighborhoods, an attractive living environment, preservation of historic buildings, economic growth, high-quality life-long education, a strong sense of community, citizen involvement, regional cooperation, abundant recreation, preserved natural areas, and the celebration of the arts and culture.”[3] The future success of downtown Carlisle is dependent upon the combination of the working-class ideals of businesses like George’s and the implementation of new business geared toward new avenues of success. In 2000, a Sentinel article concluded, “For more than 250 years, Carlisle has served as the retail hub for the central Cumberland Valley and it continues to do so today. The continually growing population of this area is attracting the attention of more national retailers who are preparing to enter the marketplace in the near future.”[4]

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