Introduction   History of Welfare Systems   History of Non-Profit Organizations  Poverty and Non-Profits   Funding Challenges of Non-Profits  The “Bigger Picture”   Interview with Jeff Conway-Carlisle United Way   Interview with Dale Cross-Employment Skills Center 

By looking at the roles non-profit organizations play in communities, America’s class system is unveiled. The numerous social service agencies providing relief and assistance for the poor and lower working classes indicate that there is poverty and class hierarchy not only in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, but throughout the United States. We see this through the mission statements and programs offered by non-profit corporations, and by the fact that these organizations require community support through funding in order to instill social change.

And, in the words of American writer John W. Gardner, “The non-profit sector enhances our creativity, enlivens our communities, nurtures individual responsibility, stirs life at the grassroots, and reminds us that we were born free.”

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