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About Me: Humayra

Hi! My name is Humayra Anisa. I am currently a sophomore at Dickinson College. I am double major for Economics and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. I come from a South Asian household. I am proud to be South Asian because of the amazing dishes that my culture has. But the best South Asian cook is my mom; she creates new dishes for my family to try and it is 10/10 amazing! My mom inspired to start cooking. I started cooking during the pandemic and it has instantly became my favorite thing to do. I cook dishes from around the world to get a taste of the diverse flavors. One thing I love about cooking is able to cook for my loved ones. I like when people can taste my dish, makes me feel good. Starting this year, I have started baking, which is not in my comfort zone. I bake the basics such as brownies and cookies, but I do not use box mixes. I am excited to share easy recipes you can make for your family or friends and it is college friendly 😉

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