Cinnamon Rolls and Strawberries
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About Me: Catherine McAllister

My name is Catherine McAllister. My mom used to work as a chef and professional baker with her own catering company where she made wedding cakes. Because my mom is an excellent cook and baker, she has been baking for my entire life, and I have often worked with her on baking. We have an extensive collection of handwritten recipes from my grandmother that we sift through to make baked goods. Some of the baked goods we have made are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, flourless chocolate cake, apple pie, and of course gingerbread cookies. Every year in the winter, my mom and I bake gingerbread cookies together, cutting out different shapes with cookie cutters such as teddy bears, doves, dinosaurs, dolls, and a few Jewish symbols such as Menorahs, Shofars, and Torahs. After we bake the cookies, we make different colors of icing out of powdered sugar and decorate the cookies.

Here are a few photos of baked goods that my family or I have made! On the right are cinnamon rolls I made, the photo in the center is a birthday cake my mom made for me, and on the left is a birthday cake we made for my best friend!

Birthday Cake
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Birthday CakeCinnamon Rolls and Strawberries

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