Addie Waites Hunton


Addie Waites Hunton: public school teacher and activist who spoke about African-American motherhood and social reform, married to William Alpheus Hunton who worked for the YMCA’s colored organization, wrote for Atlanta Independent.

According to the 1930 federal census, Addie Hunton was born around in 1866 in Norfolk, Virginia. She was married to William Alpheus Hunton on July 19, 1893 and gave birth to her daughter Eunice Roberta Hunton in 1899 in Atlanta, Georgia. She published extensively on the perspective of clubwomen and black women in general in The Voice of the Negro from 1904-1906. In 1910, she she moved to New York, where The New York Age reported that she spoke out against the segregation of the YWCA. Her husband died in 1916 in Brooklyn. She remained in New York until her death on June 21, 1943 and buried in Kings County.