1. July

As I begin the preliminary research for this thesis project, I thought it might be helpful to start by taking stock of what has been done and what remains a high priority through the rest of the summer and early fall.


  • My honors prospectus has been accepted by the department and received comments guiding future research
  • I have generated an early-stage reading list for secondary and some primary sources
  • Based on past experiences, I’ve decided to organize my research using Zotero and my writing process using Scrivener


  • I’m planning a research trip to NARA before the end of July in hopes of accessing some federal government records from the period
  • I’ve started to do some preliminary archival research at the Library of Congress with a focus on black-owned newspapers 
  • I’ve begun to organize this research blog

To Do:

  • I still need to determine key primary sources in archives in Atlanta, get in contact with archivists, plan trip over Fall Pause, and apply for funding
  • I hope to get a stronger grasp on historiography and order necessary books through Interlibrary Loan
  • I need to focus on identifying the person/group that will ultimately anchor my narrative beyond the broader topic/movement