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  1. Hi Jiberly. I agree educational equity is critical to local and global success. This has been exacerbated with the pandemic. So many challenges ahead to get us out of this cycle. It is great to see your educational studies passions, interests and knowledge working toward building more sustainable communities. Hopefully, these workshops help you to see and articulate how all these factors work together- or don’t work together and what action you take to work towards solutions in this area.

  2. Jiberly, it’s great to hear that equitable education is something that is being discussed in your courses. During the pandemic, with the shift to learning online, Dickinson’s faculty members have been having many conversations about equity and inequity in education. Both within the specific context of remote learning as we adapt and respond to the current crisis and also longer term ways that our in-person classrooms and pedagogies can be more inclusive, equitable and supportive of diverse students. These conversations are happening at many institutions, in k-12 and higher ed. We may be at a moment when significant change can happen. Voices such as yours can play a role! Looking forward to working with you on Friday.

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