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  1. Hi Genevieve! We are certainly excited to help you connect this passion issue of violence against women beyond equity and equality and provide you the skills to connect this to issues of sustainable communities and civic action. It is certainly important and interdependent with so many other things. Where does the violence stem from? How are the systems and structure in place playing a role in adding to and working against these issues. How can what you learn at Dickinson- better prepare you to take action against this? Thanks for this!

  2. Genevieve, gender equality and violence against women are critically important issues. In workshop #2 on sustainability, you will learn that gender equality is one of the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. All of the 17 goals are interconnected. As you prepare for Friday’s workshop, think about how gender equality intersects with some of the other U.N. goals. Looking forward to working with you on Friday!

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