Interdependence Reflection – Leah

Interdependence brings so much ease to our lives that we never really realize. Instead of having to collect all the materials we need to live ourselves, there are other people who do the collecting and making for us, and in return, they receive some benefits through society. Everyone is dependent on others, and others are somehow dependent on you. It’s a mutually beneficial experience. The sheer size of the web of connections is daunting and impressive.

Seeing yourself within the system of interdependence is a very conscious act, no once can think about it constantly. Getting more involved in environmental science, however, has made me think about interdependence more often. Especially not just in relation to humans, but with animals and the natural systems of the planet. But perhaps with nature, it is more one-sided. We are using too much up at such as fast pace, and giving no benefits back. So with interdependence comes the idea of sustainability; if we want our lives and commodities to continue, we have to remember that interdependence is mutually beneficial.

One thought on “Interdependence Reflection – Leah

  1. Ease and responsibility – right? I’m interested to see how your sense of responsibility changes as you develop this interdependent thinking.

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