DEI Reflection – Leah Brady

I suppose a logical place to try to move to would be Canada. It’s close by, they speak the same language (except in areas with dominantly French-Canadian speakers) and have a similar westernized culture I’m used to in the states. I, at least, perceive Canada and the U.S have good relations, so my identity as a “previous” U.S citizen shouldn’t keep me as an outsider in their society. Depending on the situation, I might be able to continue college there, perhaps with a student visa at first. Hopefully, I could eventually receive the documents to access health care, and be on my way to becoming a full citizen in time, and live quite happily.

If for some reason Canada, and perhaps England, are off the table, a more drastic choice I might have to make would be a moving to a Spanish speaking country. I am relatively proficient in Spanish and could probably achieve fluency eventually. However, whichever Spanish-speaking country I pick, it would probably be more difficult to adapt to the culture change along with the language. Still having the American identity might impact my acceptance into the culture in some places in Latin America given previous historical relations. My current agent identity as white is probably not considered an agent identity in Latin American countries, so that might make me stand out. My target identity as a woman might play a larger role if there are, perhaps, substantial barriers for women’s access to jobs or health services.

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