Civic Action Reflection – Patrick Noonan

One action that I think is super important today is reducing inequalities. Around the world and in many different societies we see inequalities of all different kinds from race to gender to sexual orientation, and so on. Going back to interdependence and sustainability workshops, it is clear how greed and taking advantage of inequality has a large part in keeping the larger world system from strong and positive interdependence and sustainability. This relates back to the way that solving and producing change within the systems of inequality we see across different societies is vital to solving other major world challenges and getting people to work together for the greater good. It was interesting to look back at the civic action workshop with this in mind because we looked at various different infographics that allowed you to take various approaches to civic action, from individual to group or societal action. These different formats and the way in which we tackle the challenges in front of a society are truly interesting to look at and it got me thinking about how we solve the barriers in place of getting people to work together.

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